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Test Probes
  We can produce a wide range of test probes for electronic industry from rigid contact pins and spring contact probes to
ICT probes and semi-conductor probes. You can see our production capabilities here:
        Test Center: 14 – 156 mils 
  Barrel Diameter: 0.20 – 2.36 mm
Plunger Diameter: 0.12 – 3.96 mm
       Total Length: 3.00 – 95.25 mm
      Spring Force: 18gf – 312gf
          Barrel: Phosphor Bronze / Brass; Au plated
       Plunger: BeCu / High Carbon Steel; Au or Ni plated
Receptacles: Phosphor Bronze / Brass; Au plated
         Spring: Music Wire / Stainless Steel Wire; Au plated.
Precision Metal Parts
Our products of precision metal parts are widely used in various industrial fields:
I. Consumer electronics
 - Computer components
 - Cameras and Telescopes
 - Clocks & Watches
 - Printers and Facsimile machines
II. Automotives parts
 - Connectors
 - Screws
 - Pneumatic components
 - Hydraulic components
III. Medical devices
 - Surgery used components

IV. Others
 - Stationary
 - Switch and lock
 - Industrial Machine
 - Pulley and Hinge
 - Domestic appliances
Manufacturing Range of CNC Lathe :
Diameter from 1 to 20mm with radial tolerance 0.01mm
Diameter from 1 to 400mm with radial tolerance 0.02mm

Manufacturing Range of CAM Lathe :
Diameter from 2 to 30mm with radial tolerance 0.01mm

Manufacturing Range of CNC Machining Centre :
Size: Width 480mm x Length 300mm x Height 270mm
  We can handle many kinds of material, such as, brass,
beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, free-cutting steel,
stainless iron, stainless steel, high carbon steel, chisel
tool steel, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy, etc ...