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Test Fixture
    Centalic employs  a  team of experienced engineers  to  design and produce all sort of custom-made PCB test fixture to suit any particular shape of your PCB's.
    We  also  supply  various  kinds  of  accessories  for  PCB  Test  Fixture  and  Universal  Test  Fixture  such  as  Guide Pin, Supporter....etc. Please refer to Fixture Kits & Accessories for details.

    Procedures of Making Fixtures:
    1. Drilling Holes for Receptacles.
    2. Inserting the Receptacles.
    3. Mounting the Connectors.
    4. Wire-Wrapping.
    5. Inserting the Contact Probes.

    For more detail, please contact us at:
    Email : info@centalic.com.hk
        Tel : (852) 2342 4207
       Fax : (852) 2797 8449