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Metal parts
    Centalic Metal Parts Division  was set up in 1995 and is dedicated
to  provide  precision metal parts  with  advanced techniques. We are
specialized  in  turning, grinding  and  milling  with  our  high quality machines. Including precise Swiss CNC Lathe, Japanese Auto Lathe and Centreless Grinder. With our advanced equipment,we can handle
high-standard  mechanical  engineering  operations. Besides that, we
also offer subcontracted services  of  finishing operations, assembly operations, surface finishing coating and heat treatment of a variety of products.

  Our professional engineers are experienced in precision Metal Parts production and our products are widely used  in different fields, such as  electronic components,  watch  components,  medical  devices, printer components, hydraulic and pneumatic components, etc. You are  more than welcome  to  send us your drawings  or  samples for consultation anytime!

- CNC Auto Lathe,
- Cam Auto Lathe,
- CNC Machining Centre,
- Centre-less Grinder,
- Surface Grinder,
- Milling Machine,
- Drilling Machine, etc...
   We use  the  advanced   technology to maintain the quality of our products. Our  quality  management  system is established and certificated according to ISO9001:2008.
Manufacturing Range of CNC
Lathe :

- Diameter from 1 to 20mm with
radial tolerance 0.01mm.
- Diameter from 1 to 400mm with
radial tolerance 0.02mm.